All these games and programs are free, and most of them contain help files on how to use. So, go ahead and get them.


Metal Venture v1.3.1

Metal Venture is a top-down shooter with RPG elements and many features. A Level Editor allows you to create your own adventures! Visit and become part of the Metal Venture community!

Download Metal Venture 1.3.1 (75.2 MB)


X-BALL v1.1.2

A Breakout clone with balls. 40 levels, bosses, powerups, and secrets.This is the first game I made using Game Maker 7!

Download X-BALL (5,4 MB)


The House

You regain consciousness and find yourself into a mysterious house. With no recent memories and no apparent means of escape, will you be able to make your way out of this bad dream?... A short point-and-click adventure by vdweller. Made in Visual Basic 6. Graphics by me :) IMPORTANT - MCI32.OCX v6 or higher required! If you don't have it, download it from here and copy it to your System directory (e.g. /Windows/System32 for WinXP). If problems still occur, email me.

Download The House (9 MB)

Download walkthrough (5 KB)


Fishing Fun v1.2

Version 1.2 is here! A few tweaks that make the game more balanced and easier overall, anchors at the bottom of the sea, some more fish dialogue, plus a little secret... What are you waiting for? Unleash your harpoons now!

Game Page

Download Fishing Fun (3,04 MB)



Tetris clone with many features.

Download Blockmania (1,85 MB)



Tetris is easy...but Rotris isn't!

Download Rotris (0,98 MB)



A stupid little game I made some years ago. Help our little friend Strokio escape the maze by moving obstacles. Also comes with a Map Editor for building your own puzzles.

Download Strokio (277 KB) 


Vdweller's Test   

The ultimate test! Both logical and insane thinking required! Greek language only (Your PC has to display correctly greek fonts in programs)!

Download Vdweller's Test (2,63 MB)

Grow And Decay - The Everspirits (Demo)(Discontinued)'s an epic RPG made in RPG Maker 2003. Although it was never finished, you can still play a large part of the story.

Game Page

Download Grow And Decay - The Everspirits Demo (17 MB)