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Note (21/9/2007) :
It's been some time since I last developed GADE. I am currently occupied with other projects, and further development of GADE (a large part of the game is already playable) is definitely not a priority right now. I have released a "playtesting" version for those who want to see the game so far (it's worth it, IMO). The characters begin at a high level, so that difficult battles won't prevent you from seeing the game so far. Who knows, maybe when I feel like I want to (and with enough support emails-motivation is always good!!), I will fully finish GADE.

This page will be updated with more content soon, but here are some basics for the time being.

Some specifications:

Game keys:
Arrow keys-Movement
Ctrl or spacebar or Z o enter-Action key
Shift key - Choose the party's leader (if more then 1 in party)
1 - Stop Leading power*
Esc - In-game menu

*If an entity leads the party, this entity will be able to activate a "leading power".
>When Rabee leads the way, the Guiding Light power may be invoked.
>When Drawylar leads the way, the MP of the party will be slowly regenerated (automatically). Higher levels grant quicker regeneration.
>When Hector leads the way, the Mist power may be invoked. You may pass through enemies and also move faster.
>When Psydak leads the way, normal random encounters begin with your party ready to strike first.

The average agility of your party determines the speed of your traveling between locations.

ALL the graphix are 100% original and made by me. Originality rules :)

Supposedly a friend of mine will compose original music, but since this is just a demo, no music was included except from the intro music (an awesome music from HL2). Now that I think of it, I really should include a song more or two...My target is that the game *will* have 100% original music as well (I know a little about music so I have already composed 5 songs)...anyway.







...and the story's nemesis, the Emperor Lich Vaissala

(...don't expect any descriptions on the last one!)



Download Grow And Decay - The Everspirits Demo (17 MB)