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A truly outstanding accomplishment, Iji is a platformer with many features and a story progress based on the player's options. Again, instead of an entire development team, you will find just one person (Daniel Remar) behind this game. Comparisons with Cave Story have become unavoidable
, not in the narrow context of visual similarities or any other basic game elements, but in the overall "Wow!" feel players get with all this action-packed 2-D awesomeness. Don't pass this up.

Last Scenario
Currently lacking a website of its own, I am giving you a blog link to view and download this game. A 1-man project (Origami), Last Scenario is an epic RPG made in RPG Maker XP with a great storyline, battles and sidequests. Although most of the graphics are from the RPG Maker XP Runtime Package, one can easily see that a lot of effort has been put in this game. The character portraits and drawings are original and of fantastic quality. I finished it some time ago and enjoyed it very much. Though I believed that I had lost my interest in epic RPGs where "heroes" kill stuff and gain XP, it's always pleasant to see an indie production having to offer something so deep and well worth the time playing.

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) - An excellent old-school platformer. Don't be misguided by its simple graphics in the beginning. This little masterpiece *will* keep you occupied for quite a long time. Too pity games like this are usually smothered by tons of commercial 3D crap games. The creator of the game (yes it's one man only) is a Japanese guy called Pixel. Since we don't all know japanese, here is a nice english tribute website.

Diver Down - A freeware RPG reminiscent of old SNES and Sega Genesis RPGs. 3 people worked at it, and the result is quite impressive.



Freeware game websites

Nifflas' Games
Nifflas is an artist from Sweden who composes music and makes games with a unique style and a stunning ambience. I first played Within a Deep Forest and loved the atmosphere immediately. It is a pity that game makers like him are sometimes considered "second" compared to megamonstous gaming companies who spend $40,000,000 and keep their employees chained 18 hours a day in order to make their next stupid 3D shooter who definitely requires the $200 next-gen graphics card. I've played Nifflas' games more than any Tomb Raider series game, sorry Lara, Juni is better :) You should really check his website, forum and also his cool ambient tunes!

Caiman Free Games
A great Freeware Games website. Layout may seem a little different from other game sites, but there are over 2000 freeware games, no shareware, demos or trials. Also be sure to register in the forums, the moderators will try to make you feel comfortable and part of the Caiman community ASAP, something which doesn’t just happen everywhere on the net.